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Want It Now lets eBay buyers post requests for hard-to-find items and allows sellers to respond to those requests with eBay listings. There are several thousand posts everyday from hungry buyers looking for the stuff they REALLY want to buy!

It simply collects the Want It Now data from the desired eBay web site, then analyzes the posts finding how frequent certain word combinations occur. Additionally, the total number of responses corresponding to the word combinations are extracted.

More importantly, the number of occurrences and the number of responses are used to determine the ‘Yen Factor’ of the word combination revealing a possible product idea or niche area.

The Yen Factor is a quality factor that ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 is not good and 10 is the best. This factor basically tells you if the word combination is good or not so good from a marketing point of view.

Say there are 26,000 posts in a certain Want It Now section. You could imagine that certain word(s) will occur several times in 26,000 posts! The idea is to find out what these words are!

From a marketing point of view, the more times a certain word combination occurs the HIGHER the DEMAND. The fewer number of responses for that certain word combination the LOWER the COMPETITION.

Therefore, the best word combinations are ones that have HIGH DEMAND and LOW COMPETITION … that’s exactly what the Yen Factor illustrates. Take a look at the chart below:

When I wrote this web page, in the ‘Collectibles’ Want It Now section on the web site there were 17,300 posts from hungry buyers looking for stuff to buy.

AuctionYen automatically downloads the 17,300 posts, then determines the ‘Yen Factor’ for all word combinations up to 5 words. In this example, it took about 8 minutes to download and process the data.

Also, the total number of word combinations in each data grid that have a ‘Yen Factor’ greater than 0 are summarized in the ‘Quick Stats’ section.

In this example, the 3rd entry in the 1 Word grid was ‘yearbook’. This word occurred 69 times in the ‘Collectibles’ section and only 2 eBay sellers responded resulting in a high ‘Yen Factor’.

Also, if you click the ‘yearbook’ link in the words column, you will be redirected to the Want It Now search results for the word ‘yearbook’.

In this example, when the ‘yearbook’ link was clicked, there were 684 total entries for all Want It Now sections.

There are thousands of Want It Now posts everyday! This means you can find the current HOTTEST product or niche ideas before the trends hit the market!

Check out the screen shots below to get an idea of how you can easily find product niche ideas to sell online …

Universal grid format. This file type can be read by AuctionYen and other software programs that I have designed.

Comma delimited. This is a comma separated text file that can be read using the popular Microsoft Excel program or any text editor.

YES! If you are not fully satisfied I will guarantee your money back for up to 8 weeks after your purchase!…No questions asked … period!

Internet Explorer 5.x or better 5MB Disk Space 256 MB RAM Recommended HIGHSPEED Internet Connection HIGHLY Recommended!

(unless if you have a PC emulator installed on your Mac like Microsoft’s Virtual PC, for more details on this software click here)

David Guindon AuctionYen Developer/Webmaster Internet Entrepreneur Electrical Engineering Masters Student

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Remember, if you want to know EXACTLY what people want to buy … then use AuctionYen to analyze the eBay buyer’s Want It Now posts, then sell them what they WANT TO BUY!!! Download NOW!

Wow! You never seem to dissapoint… yet another crazy amazing tool for me to find those hidden product ideas waiting to be sold on eBay! I love the bonus video!

Dave, Love the AUCTION YEN! It took 3 minutes to install and 10 minutes later I had… Read more…

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