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What do our 56.3% optin rate squeeze pages , our recent $500,000 sales page and our1k visitor a day niche blog all have in common?

Beside their dashing good looks and an unmatched ability to get the job done, what they have in common is that they were all built on the New Authority Pro WP marketing powersuite.

Imagine, all the Niche Site Building, Sales and Conversion Driving, SEO dominating power used by multimillion dollar product vendors and secretive super affiliates tightly loaded into one explosive bundle that snaps onto your wordpress blog and transforms it into a Web Marketing Super Hero.

In short this tool does everything needed to operate a multimillion dollar a year digital product publishing and niche blog empire.

And whether you’re at the same level as us or just starting out or even somewhere in the middle, we firmly believe you shouldn’t waste your time and money doing it any other way when Authority Pro makes it easier, faster, more convenient and completely centralized.

If you’ve ever wanted an edge in mastering the 2 main methods with which the overwhelming majority of money is made, then pay close attention since this software will dramatically change the results you experience online and the ease with which you receive them.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve used Authority Pro to easily sell over a million dollars worth of digital products and software:

It creates everything from the optin page used to get prospects on the list, to the prelaunch blog where we deliver the content, to the high converting sales pages including the exit grabbers we use to maximise sales and optins and the upsell pages that maximize visitor value (the demo videos lower on the page show how easy this is)

But goes on to supercharge it with money making, traffic drawing, rank boosting features nothing else holds a candle to.

It optimizes posts and categories, provides killer design options, built in landing pages and review pages with all the bells and whistles, traffic regenerators, aggressive optin mechanisms and other flawlessly integrated marketing hot buttons the pros use to clean up.

In short, it practically forces Google to rank you higher and give you more traffic, and once that traffic hits your site, it coaxes more action out of each visitor: optins, sales, ad clicks and other monetization…

Generating traffic, monetizing it and creating a thriving web business depends on sound methods, but perhaps even more so, on execution.

It starts by getting the traffic, making the right impression and leading your visitor through your site or funnel and to the actions you want them to take.

Create a look and feel of authority and professionalism that gets the thumbs up from your visitors AND the search engines without experience, design software or any programming involved.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a niche marketer, an SEO addict, a blogger, a digital product vendor or anything in between – Authority Pro infuses ease, professionalism and confidence in every aspect of your online endeavours…

In the video just above, I demonstrated how you can WOW your prospects the second they land on your page and keep them engaged and enthralled from header to buy button to order confirmation page using nothing but Authority Pro even if you have no web skills and no experience.

My name is Alex Goad. You may or may not know me, and frankly, it’s totally unimportant except for one thing you need to know, which is: I know my sales copy like the back of my hand.

Over the past years, my sales letters have brought in over $10 million dollars selling my own products and affiliate products. Few people if any have had more best-selling internet marketing products than me, including the coveted 7 figure product launch…

I’m not saying this to brag, only to drive home the point that all those years of experience are built into to Authority Pro to intuitively guide you to more sales, higher conversions and all the spoils that come with.

Now if the sales page I built in the short demo video above had been a REAL sales page. I would have added a couple more tweaks, bells and whistles (they’re… Read more…

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