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We know that getting traffic to our websites is what makes us the money. The best way to get traffic is to rank high in the search engines for our targeted keywords. One of the BEST ways to rank high in the search engines is to get backlinks!

But who really likes creating them? I know I don’t. Hire a service? Not for me either. Even the full time Virtual Assistants are too expensive for doing this.

When I got started in creating websites, I spent a lot of money purchasing products and services to learn how to create backlinks and to do it for me. Most did not work, or did not work well. I became very frustrated. I spent a lot of money and was just not getting the traffic.

I knew the basic principles of getting backlinks to get traffic. I just did not want to spend my time doing all the work. Since I was not making any money from my sites, I really couldn’t just ‘hire it out’ either.

Almost a year in development and quite a bit of money later, I introduced the Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin to a very large test market. It was WILDLY successful!

It was amazing! From this beginning we took all the feedback and made major improvements! Upgrades to existing features and added new features as well. We are constantly improving the features and use of the plugin. We are dedicated to creating a complete package that every single will be thrilled with.

I heard a few things about this plugin but I was a bit hesitant to sign up because of the dynamic nature of the backlinks, basically would they hold up long enough to work. I finally took the plunge and ran a controlled test. I figured as long as I make sure nothing else benefits the site I would know for sure if it was worth it and I would have enough data to demand a refund if it wasn’t.

After 14 days of testing I didn’t need any more proof…in two weeks my AdSense earnings were up 27%! The plugin had more than paid for itself already. I went from having 570 backlinks to 833. My average daily traffic went from 82 uniques to 110 and my SERPS started rockin, from 7 page one listings to 21 plus I got my first three #1 spots.

All in all 47 of the 48 keywords and URLs I entered into the plugin saw drastic improvement and I hadn’t even tried out the article feature yet.

The test website was only three and a half months old, all the data was compared to 14 days before installing and I did no other link building for a month prior to running my test to insure accuracy.

I finally found something that works for creating backlinks, is easy to use and very affordable – all at the same time. Thank you for a great product! You have freed up my time to do other things to help me with my online success without emptying my pocketbook!

I have been using the abc plugin for awhile now on all my sites. The monthly subscription fee is a steal compared to the money I have spent on getting backlinks to my sites. I would highly recommend anyone to give Greg’s ABC plugin a try, you have plenty of backlinks built for you automatically and nothing to lose!

I have used many wordpress plugins that have promised both backlinks and traffic, however they haven’t delivered. I purcahsed and installed the ABC plugin on several blogs to test it out, to see if it was any different. I installed the plugin on a fresh blog which had ZERO backlinks, and in less than 2 weeks I already have 12 verified backlinks to this site, with zero work (other than adding the link to the site within the ABC plugin). It works and I am adding ABC to every new website build, not only for the backlinks but for the free content as well. Greg’s support is top notch as well, which you do NOT see from the majority of other wordpress plugin developers.

The product, thus far, seems promising. I don’t know a lot about SEO… Read more…

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