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Because it’s both FREE and extremely EFFECTIVE, article marketing is an extremely POWERFUL marketing method.

In addition, it provides both direct traffic to your sites AND the kind of backlinks that can provide a HUGE boost in your search engine rankings.

When I started using article marketing using unique articles to drive traffic to my site, something happened…

In a nutshell… article marketing is, perhaps, the single best marketing method available today. It has the potential to drive MASSIVE traffic to the website, blog, or affiliate offer of your choice.

Article spinning lets you take one "seed" article and turn it into HUNDREDS (or even THOUSANDS) of rewritten articles.

With spinning, you never have to pay for content — so it can potentially save you an enormous amount of money. But, perhaps even more important, is the fact that it saves you TIME…

A lot of times, the articles produced by spinning software are virtually unreadable. And, since a lot of article directories check the quality of the articles you submit — using "junk" articles often won’t work.

The perfect spinning software would be fast, easy to use, and — most important of all — effective.

CP is designed to overcome many of the common problems with spinning software. To accomplish that, it uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

After over 2 years of research, testing, analysis, and listening to our customers — the end result is a spinner that delivers superior quality with features that are virtually unmatched.

Unlike other synonym databases, ours doesn’t just accumulate synonyms. Instead, the system is based on "quality." With Content Professor, as high quality synonyms are being added, irrelevant synonyms are also being removed.

The result is that — over time — our dynamic database refines itself automatically giving you the highest quality and most relevant spun articles possible.

Works online with ANY computer and ANY browser. So there are NO installation or compatibility problems.

Receives frequent updates with continuing development and enhancements. Exciting NEW features are coming soon!

Content Professor is also FAST. It can create a virtual flood of unique, spun articles — in mere seconds!

CP is not all about having the most synonyms, rather building a synonyms database with the most quality words in context.

No Articles Spinners has a refinement feature. Content Professor is the first and only to do this. Remember that!

Synonym Request Feature. This powerful feature lets you request any synonym you would like removed or added to the GLOBAL, online thesaurus database. The request goes to an administrator who reviews it and makes the change to the database. This greatly improves the quality of the thesaurus database.

Synonym "Quality" Algorithm. Synonyms are ranked based on how often a given synonym is used. The more people use a particular synonym, the higher it’s ranked as being a "relevant" word. Therefore, users never have to worry about the thesaurus being filled with useless or irrelevant material.

Mass Article Creation. With the click of your mouse, Content Professor lets you create hundreds — or even thousands — of articles from a SINGLE "seed" article in less than 30 seconds.

Personal Synonym Database. Lets you create your own synonym database from scratch. Save your most commonly used synonyms with a click.

Import Your Own Synonyms. You can import synonyms to your own personal database (using .csv or .txt files).

Unlimited Nested Spinning. Content Professor fully supports nested spinning (spinning within spinning). It spins sentences and then the words or phrases within each spun sentence. This is a very important feature because nesting is the best way to increase the number of possible unique spins that each seed article can produce. Nested spinning can help you create hundreds of unique articles from just one seed article. Content Professor supports up to 5 levels of spinning.

Multi-word phrases. Because our synonym database is user generated, you can spin BOTH single words AND multi-word phrases. Most articles spinner thesauruses are NOT user generated — so they only contain single words — not multi-word phrases.

Full-sentence and paragraph spinning. CP lets you spin the original article at THREE levels, namely at the word level, at the sentence level and also… Read more…

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