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Whether You’re Just Getting Your Feet Wet As A Clickbank Affiliate Or You’re Ready to Grow & Expand Your Info-Product Business As A Vendor, The Clickbank Player’s Club Has All The Automatically Updated Tools, Resources and "Step By Step How To’s" To Help You Along the Way!

If you’re seriously interested in learning what it really takes to make REAL Clickbank cash, then this could possibly be the most important website you ever come across.

Each month I’ll share with you my bleeding edge secrets, advertising breakthroughs, exact step-by-step processes I recommend to clients, and even cutting edge insider interviews with the "top dogs" about what’s working best. It gives you real advice and steps to success being used by my clients and I every month.

I also provide many different "tools" in the private site includes HTML templates, marketing training videos, checklists, resources, topic specific reports, discussion forums and other resources designed to speed things right up for you.

Letting you know what you need to have in place in your own business before you can become an affiliate on Clickbank (the answer may surprise you!)

Informing you as to why you can consider being an affiliate marketer as an equal opportunity job and one of the most inspiring ways to start out your online career as an entrepreneur!

Telling you where to find the information you need on the very large and sometimes complex Clickbank site

Advising you on how to avoid falling for Clickbank offers that promise to make you a millionaire overnight

Giving you the insider story on why over 95% would-be affiliate marketers fail within the first two years of setting themselves up in business

Advice on measuring how much your affiliate business is costing you in both time and money and whether it is going to be worth promoting certain Clickbank products

Understanding the concept of "buying once" and how this affects both you and your customer’s behavior when it comes to buying and selling

…and much more basic information about Clickbank and how it works and how you can make a profit from it as effortless and inexpensively as possible. As a Clickbank Player’s Club member, you are never left in the dark about exactly how you are going to go about setting up this business so that it earns you generous profits.

How to use Clickbank’s new randomly encrypted affiliate links (which are a newer development on the site) to prevent hackers from hacking into your links and stealing your profits

How to deal with the fact that all Clickbank products come with an unconditional guarantee and the fact that clients must get their money back if they ask for it – no questions asked!

How to calculate how much money you could possibly earn as an affiliate by looking at the publisher’s offer

Why so many of the offers on Clickbank seem to give their affiliates almost absurdly high percentages

How to tell by looking at the commission percent whether or not the publisher is also selling the product and is in direct competition with you

How to understand the Clickbank concept of "gravity" (which is the site’s way of telling you which of their products are the most popular

Why you may not want to promote products that are already being aggressively and successfully promoted by other affiliate marketers

How to assess the sales letter page of a publisher to help you decide whether or not you can sell the product

How to examine the testimonials on products to find out whether they are for real or not and whether they can be a good indicator of a product being successful for you

How to find a URL shortening service to shrink the very long Clickbank affiliate links and use a URL name that is more appropriate to the product – this makes it easier for both search engine spiders and people to find you!

…and many more very practical tips to encourage your marketing success as an affiliate for Clickbank. Of course part of having any successful business is knowing how to track your successes and failures and analyze how well your business is doing on a regular basis.

…and lots… Read more…

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