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Think article marketing is dead? Heck no! But it’s possible to kill ALL of the hard work involved when you can…

All the Twitter and social networking stuff aside, article marketing is still the best free traffic method out there.

Why? Because it’s exactly what search engines want! They’re after high-quality content to send searchers to. Feed them fantastic articles and they’ll love you. That means loads of free traffic heading your way.

Even better, you can ramp it up the more killer articles you put out there, the more free targeted traffic you can get. But here’s where the big ugly problem of article marketing will kick you in the teeth…

Writing articles is kind of like the Internet marketing version of going to the dentist. It’s good for you, but you’d rather do anything else.

First you have to write your articles, which for most people is like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen. Then you have to submit your articles to a boatload of article directories by hand, which can take days or weeks. By the time you get articles out there to generate traffic for you, it can feel like you’ve been through a war.

But really, article marketing itself isn’t "hard", and the results are flat-out phenomenal. The only thing that makes it all a pain in the rump is the manual labor. You can try to avoid it by hiring help, but it ain’t cheap.

So, what if you could cut the costly and slow humans out of the equation and automate nearly all of it? Then you could fire everybody, do everything on your own and still run circles around your competition.

Well, get ready to do just that, because we’ll give you a way to create multiple high-quality, unique articles with the puch of a button. Even better, you can submit them automatically to the best articles directories on the web in mere seconds.

That’s what Mass Article Control is it’s an insanely fast way to automate article marekting that lets you create multiple high-quality, unique articles with the push of a button and submit them automatically to the best article directories in mere seconds.

The secret for our success was simply because we combined two of the best pieces of article marketing software you’ll ever find into a two-part automated powerhouse that makes article marketing child’s play.

We knew we needed to be doing article marketing, but it hurt so bad when we did it ourselves because we were forced to pay through the nose for article writers and submitters.

This software is my personal creation to take a single article and transform it into a heaping mound of unique copies every bit as good as the original. I wasn’t into the piddly little stuff. I wanted hundreds or even thousands of copies with a few mouse clicks, with outrageously high quality.

Let’s say I was writing articles for the automotive niche. My original article might read something like the extract on the left. Mass Article Creator generated the unique version of the same article on the right (the colors represent the automatically re-written words and phrases):

See how both articles say the same thing, but read completely differently? Mass Article Control transformed one masterpiece into a different one in seconds!

It uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to create hundreds or thousands of new articles like that with smart variations based on top-secret built-in technology.

I’d explain it, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a single original article, plus a few clicks from you produces hundreds of top-quality articles that sound like a pro wrote them all from scratch.

I can create up to 1,000 articles from just ONE main seed article in less than 30 seconds with the press of a button

It has a huge in-built synonym database for ultra quick insertion and replacement processing with ZERO input from me

I can create lists of market specific keywords and save them to niche specific categories…which means my the software gets smarter as I use it

It’s completely dummy proof…which is great for technical dummies like me (and the version you get includes video training, so there’s literally… Read more…

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