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This New Traffic-Getting Technology Will Bring Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website Today & Everyday. It Works It’s Magic In Any Niche… It Even Crushes The Most Highly Competitive Markets. We Should Know… And We Guarantee It Will Do The Same For You.

Let’s face it… one of the biggest factors that will determine whether you’ll be successful online or not is the number of "targeted visitors" that make it to your web pages.

That if something can automatically increase targeted web visitors every day to your blogs and websites, it will also quickly and dramatically increase your online profit and success right?

If that ‘something’ that can rapidly build targeted web traffic is something that very few of your competitors are using (or even know much about), you suddenly have built a powerful advantage over those competitors right?

Introducing the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software (earlier versions were called the RSS Power Plus Pro Software)

Nothing wrong with doing that (we do that as well), but they are missing the most powerful advantage of RSS.

They are completely missing out on the fact that RSS can be used to help dominate the search engines by rapidly building quality backlinks, rapidly building page rank and quickly start driving massive targeted web traffic to your web pages. The increase in targeted web traffic means your online profits should increase.

RSS, stands for really simple syndication and is an extremely powerful tool that you can use for your online business to quickly and easily get the "edge" over most of your web competitors.

You’ll find that 99.99% of your competitors don’t use RSS in the smartest way, like the "Web Traffic Genius RSS software" does, to gain the massive web traffic leverage that it offers.

They do not use the same clever technology we have built into this software that ensures it rapidly brings targeted web traffic. Clever technology that we have designed, tested in hundreds of niches and refined for over 15 months.

“In June my traffic from Google increased by almost 5X and my traffic from Yahoo increased by nearly 21X…”

The Web Traffic Genius is a rare example of something that "in the trenches" SEO guys can actually use to make our lives a whole lot easier.

I particularly like the combination of horsepower, automation and ingenuity that has gone into the development of WTG – as well as their other related products, for that matter.

I also (really) like that it’s not just limited to WP blogs, web 2.0 pages, etc. I always like using static affiliate sites, or database driven platforms that I’ve developed from the ground up – either of which WTG can plug into seamlessly and work in the background to index my sites passively, majorly complementing my SEO itinerary.

I had a little trouble setting it up (maybe I should have read the directions). But Tim was both quick and patient with his response to my support request.

"The Web Traffic Genius (WTG) has taken a task that took countless hours out of my week to do and"…

The Web Traffic Genius (WTG) has taken a task that took countless hours out of my week to do and turned it into "Nothing". The tasks of sending out RSS Feeds to the aggregators is now automatic with WTG.

Also the ability to add extra feeds to the outgoing feed is a fantastic feature to the software. With the extra time I now have I can build more sites and add WTG to them and use the extra feeds feature to promote all my other sites as well.

Due to WTC one of my newest sites is on page one of Google for most of the posts in the site. I created the site in January of this year and it is only 45 days old. With out the assistance of WTG I do not know when this would have happened (or even at all).

You will not regret it and do not forget if you do not think it is for you then Tim & Anthony will honor their guarantee to you.

Creating backlinks for my sites used to be one of the most time consuming and boring tasks… Read more…

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