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SUPER simple, yet powerful. Green means low competition, Yellow means moderate competition, & Red means stay away!

Find exact match domains for ALL of the keywords… instantly, and purchase directly inside the software!

Filter your keyword list to calculate how many daily searches you can expect to get with the low competition keywords you find!

Take a low competition keyword and drill down into it by generating an unlimited number of long tail keywords based on the seed keyword you selected!

“One of the best keyword tools I’ve ever used. Love it’s simplicity & able to discover tons of high traffic but extremely low competition keywords. I use it everyday. Thanks for creating this remarkable software, saved me tons of time!”

“When I saw Brad announce the release of Niche Finder, I knew I had to try it. I just love the simplicity of Niche Finder and the ease at which it allows me to find great keywords and associated long tail keywords. I was able to uncover a fantastic keyword in the first 10 minutes!”

“It’s an excellent tool & compared to some of the sub par keyword tools out there, this is easy to use with a good interface. At this price it is certainly better value than Market Samurai and with none of the farting about with various settings that MS has.”

“Fantastic Product! I use this tool in conjunction with a couple of other keyword tools to find niches quickly and easily. Nothing could be simpler to find the right keyword to get into a niche. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this tool is an ideal addition to your arsenal. Brad’s customer service is first rate and the upgrades make it a no brainer!”

“I just started using Niche Finder for my websites and I love it! Previously I had to use one tool for this part and another for that part. The result was total frustration and feeling super overwhelmed! This software rocks and has replaced all the steps for me. Nice work Brad!”

“For me this piece of software is total genius for 2 main reasons; accuracy & simplicity. I’ve my own manual steps to find good keywords and initially was reluctant to buy, as I only trust data from Google. But when I checked and found exact match of result with super fast performance, I knew this is the only tools I need. Support is great (no problem really but keep getting new update which is a bonus). I can know do SCALING of my online business 100 times faster. 2011 will be another great year for me…I already can feel it. Thanks to Niche Finder.”

“Hi, first I would just like to thank Brad for another excellent software program. I will admit at the start I was sceptical of Niche finder. While I have been using it, I’ve uncovered a couple of very lucrative niches along with plenty of keywords to support the main keyword for the site. Niche Finder is fast and the numbers are accurate. Thanks for the great support and product, Brad.”

“Hi from Australia! Since acquiring Niche Finder a couple of months ago, I have used it continually. It is by far the best product of its type and the biggest time saver I have come across. It has my top recommendation!”

“I have purchased several keyword tools and services and Brad’s is the first one that I really did what it said it did and quickly! Keyword research takes so much time with other tools and it’s nice to be able to speed up that process. Brad’s support is very responsive to all my questions. I’m very excited to see the new features that are coming. Thanks for an awesome product that delivers and for the price you can’t beat it!”

“Niche Finder is one of the best, if not the best, most simplified, keyword research and niche finder software I’ve ever used. This software has helped me find untapped niches and dominate Google with minimum effort. Brad you are a genius.”

“Niche Finder will quickly find those keywords that… Read more…

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