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Here comes along Niche Reaper and I can tell you that it is the ultimate answer for finding what Niches to promote. You don’t have to “look” and “research” any more. Niche Reaper does it all for you. I have always promoted products like Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. The problem is, even though they let you do awesome research, you still have to “find” a niche to research in the first place.

With Niche Reaper, that is all over. When Gary let me look inside the first thing I said to myself was Wow! This is the answer to all my Niche Finding problems for my Members. This is the first product I have seen in Internet Marketing that actually (and legitimately) finds high quality Niches that you can start making money with Instantly!

I am talking about niche research & evaluation. Ok, there are already tons of so-called keyword research tools, and “12 month old” keyword database services but they are just plain useless and not worth a dime.

So basically, you are left alone to find valuable niches and “good” keywords. Not impossible, but a tedious task.

Until today that is, when I started using Niche Reaper. It’s like all of sudden all of the issues I mention above have magically vanished. 10 seconds after logging in Niche Reaper pointed me to a great niche and a few keywords I could dominate quite easily. 2 minutes later I registered a domain for that niche and I was in the game to dominate this niche!

Niche Reaper has a complex algorithm to analyze the niches and keywords and only return the ones you can easily dominate, and it simply replaces ALL of the tools I was using (niche/keyword research, keyword analysis etc.) and it provides results that will allow ANYONE to take action almost instantly.

This is definitely a “must have” tool in the arsenal if you do any keyword research or internet marketing at all.

I’ve just had my tech guy sat next to me while we walked through ‘NicheReaper’ (You know I’m non techy…lol)

Well – Even I could see the simplicity of having SO MUCH info in one place! So from a technophobe point of view – it looks GREAT!

That said – My techy was practically jumping up and down with excitement! He tells me you have just created a tool that will not only save him several thousand dollars a year…BUT ALSO… Around FIVE HOURS in time for each keyword he would normally have to use multiple tools for!

Very Impressive guys! I’ll be recommending NicheReaper for anyone who uses keyword tools from here on in!

That’s why I am genuinely impressed with Niche Reaper. The job it does and the way it delivers the results to the user is something we haven’t seen in the market so far. In my opinion, this product eliminates the ‘hit and hope’ element of niche marketing.

You literally can log in, find a niche which has already been evaluated for you and then pick an available keyword domain to target the niche within minutes.

No, this isn’t “keyword research” where you think of an idea and then see what keywords there are for that niche. This GENERATES ideas for you. You go to it with nothing, and it gives you profitable niche ideas. For the serious affiliate it’s like money in your pocket.

Not only is it more niche ideas than you could ever possibly build out, but it’s constantly being updated with new ones. It’s an eternal source of profitability at the ready for whenever you’re starting your next campaign.

What I love about Niche Reaper is that it takes the tedious, mind-numbing tasks involved in doing really good niche/keyword research and automates the entire process – leaving us more time to focus on building more sites and making more money.

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