Retail Arbitrage – Retail Arbitrage by Chris Green of FBAPower

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The practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets, striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.

For the first time, Chris Green has compiled the complete, authoritative, and exhaustive manual outlining the Retail Arbitrage business model.

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Chris has been an invaluable part of helping my staff and I ramp up our Amazon business, and he’s been the leading voice of support on our Amazon training course forum. He knows his stuff and I’m thrilled that he’s "spilling the beans" in this great new book. Learn from a guy that "gets it". Anyone can start a profitable business using the ideas in this book – I’m 100% convinced of this. Jim Cockrum

There is no question that Chris is the master of retail arbitrage. Chris taught me his techniques a few months ago and I have been using them successfully since then. My wife and I spend a few hours every weekend finding goods that can be resold on Amazon. Then we spend Monday and Tuesday packing them up and shipping them to Amazon. My last deal was a Bose Speaker system bought on clearance for $79 that had a retail value of $249 and are selling on Amazon for $215. That is a very nice profit. $97 may seem like a lot for an eBook, but you can make that back on one transaction. Skip McGrath Publisher – The Online Seller’s News

Since 1999, Chris Green has been doing Retail Arbitrage, the business of buying items at retail stores and selling them online for a profit. From humble beginnings selling wrestling action figures on eBay, he has since perfected this low-risk, high-margin business model now known as Retail Arbitrage.

Using innovative and powerful programs like Amazon’s fulfillment program called Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), sellers can now remove time and space scaling restrictions that would have previously restricted their businesses. Sellers also now have access to the most complete mobile pricing data using FBAScout for iPhone and Android. Information is power and the sellers with the best information will make the best buying decisions and will be able to capitalize on all of the opportunities around them.

Join Chris as he explains every detail of this fascinating low-risk, high-margin business including HOW and WHY FBA works, the dynamics of inefficient marketplaces, and the psychology of the Amazon customer.

Chapter 1 – What is Retail Arbitrage? Chapter 2 – Amazon vs. eBay Chapter 3 – What is FBA? Chapter 4 – Why Does FBA Work? Chapter 5 – Understanding the Amazon Customer Chapter 6 – Economics of Supply, Demand, & Price Chapter 7 – The History of Scouting Chapter 8 – FBAScout – Mobile Scouting App for iPhone and Android Chapter 9 – FBAPower – To List, Label, Price, and Ship Chapter 10 – FBARepricer – To Keep Items Priced Competitively Chapter 11 – An Emerging Business Model Chapter 12 – From Toys to Toiletries Chapter 13 – THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! Chapter 14 – Anyone Can Do This Chapter 15 – The Rules of the Amazon Marketplace Chapter 16 – Sales Rank Explained – What It Is, What It Is Not Chapter 17 – Risk Management Chapter 18 – It’s a Margins Game Chapter 19 – The ‘Race to the Bottom’ or ‘Chasing the Next Sale’ Chapter 20 – What Makes a Product Good for Resale Chapter 21 – Sourcing Products – Retail vs. Online Chapter 22 – Purchasing TAX FREE for Resale Chapter 23 – Coupons, Discounts, Rebates, Rewards & Cashback Chapter 24 – Retail Deals Chapter 25 – Retail Secrets Chapter 26 – Online Deals Chapter 27 – Online Secrets Chapter 28 – Chapter 29 – Used Book & Media – Still Easy Money Chapter 30 – Book Sales, Thrift Stores, Estate Sales & Garage Sales Chapter 31 – Penny Books Explained Chapter 32 – International FBA & Advanced FBA Techniques Chapter 33 – Multi-Channel Fulfillment – List on eBay, Ship From FBA Chapter 34 – So Why Isn’t Everybody Doing This? Chapter 35 – Summary – Go Feed Your Amazon Monster! Bonus #1 – How to Compete Against Amazon Bonus #2 – Creating New Product Pages for Items NOT on Amazon Bonus #3 – Why No One Can Take Over Bonus #4 – The ZERO RISK Way to… Read more…

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