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When trying to rank for a PROFITABLE keyword you have to know who’s ranking for this keyword and WHY! You can use this data against them to get EASY Rankings.

Once you know who ranks for your keywords you can analyze their backlinks to see which ones are actually giving them their rankings then you can automatically submit to those high page rank sites. I don’t know of any other SEO software tools doing this…

Once you get enough High PR backlinks pointing back to your site you will be ranking #1 in no time. Take the list of links that Backlink Profit Monster gives you and start ranking your sites TODAY!

In this video you will see how we explain how to research your competition, drill down into their backlinks, filter the search results by pagerank and dofollow and export the link list ready for submissions.

In this video you will see how you upload the linklist to the blog poster and then how to submit the links to blog sites

In this video we demonstrate the real power of automation using the auto poster feature, sit back relax, go and get some popcorn cause what you will see here will blow you away.

In this video we show you how to manually post your links after you have gathered your high quality backlink list.

What an incredible software that will allows you to dominate your niche with just a click of the mouse. You can spy on the competition and pretty much go after the same backlinks they have enquired. Me being an seo guy, this is by far one of the best software’s I have came across in the past ten years. So If you don’t have it then your going to get dominated by someone who does.

Backlink Profit Monster is an amazing tool for being able to quickly analyze and gather backlinks from relevant, high PR sites. Instead of manually trying to hunt for backlinks, BPM can save you hours of time and can generate a list of hundreds or even thousands of backlinks in minutes. This software is a must for any serious Internet Marketer.

One of the Most Important AND time consuming tasks in SEO is finding quality sites to link to. BPM not only does this for you with ease, it then automates the task of posting your own links there too! I have never seen a tool anaylse my competition as fast and effectively as BPM. Read more…

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