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Have you ever wondered why some videos explode over the Internet while some others just sit on YouTube and gather dust? Have you ever wondered why some are shared on Twitter and Facebook while some others go completely unnoticed?

If you have but don’t know what to do to bring your own videos to that level of popularity where you can just sit back and relax while they go completely viral, then make sure you take a very close look at the offer I’m about to make you…

If you want loads of cheap traffic, viral marketing is definitely the way to go. It is one of the most popular marketing methods these days…

Some videos explode over the Internet while some others just sit on YouTube and gather dust… The reason is simple: viral marketing. But how do you make people share your videos on Twitter or Facebook for example?

I learned the secret of making videos go viral the hard way through years of testing and effort. I’ve had my successes and my flops, but I’m not here to brag about any of this. I’m here to share the results with you:

With my script, you will be able to add a (viral) action to your videos that viewers must perform – exactly when you want it – before they can watch the video in full…

That’s right! This is totally up to you! You can make those actions compulsory or optional… and you get to choose EXACTLY when the script appears, accurate to the second!

You can either host your videos on YouTube, or host them yourself, and then embed them on your site or blog exactly like you would embed a YouTube video. Imagine being able to host fully customized videos on YouTube… You would save hundreds (if not thousands) on hosting, storage space and bandwidth every year!

Option #1: Use the power Twitter to turn your videos viral – With the Twitter option, you can add a message to any YouTube or self-hosted video, whenever you want it to appear, so viewers must tweet your message before they can watch the rest of the video… Remember you can make it compulsory or optional. You can choose to show it at the beginning, or at the end… This is up to you! Option #2: Turn your videos into killer optin forms – You can also add an optin form so viewers must opt in, either before, during or after the video. If your video content is of great value, people WILL opt in, because they want to watch the rest of the video. That’s a win-win situation! They get to watch the video, and you get more optins! ViralVideo supports Aweber and Imnica Mail.

Option #3: Add a poll to ANY YouTube or self-hosted video – With this option you can add a poll to any video, and viewers must vote to be able to watch the video. If you struggle to get people to respond to your polls, this is a must-have! You will easily get more respondents, and more data! What else could you ask for? Option #4: Get viewers to go exactly where you want them to – You can also go the simple way with a message and a link that viewers must click so they can watch the video. You can direct your viewers to the page of your choice: a capture page, a sales page… or even to another video. This is totally up to you! Remember, you can decide exactly when you want the script to appear. …and more options like a Google +1 button, a Buy button, a Download button… With these options you can for example get viewers to +1 your video on Google+ to make it go viral, or direct them to a PayPal or ClickBank payment page, or simply make them download a file like an ebook.

Imagine adding a short message to your video, and 10 of your viewers retweet it… and each tweet generates 10 more views. That’s 100 views generated from only 10 views! Now imagine if someone with 10,000 followers decides to retweet your message… How many more views could a single tweet generate?

We offer a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee so… Read more…

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